Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Be nice to nature: Part 2

One fine spring day, I was sitting at my computer, writing something witty and charming when I heard a Splat!!! against the window. I looked outside and saw a little brown sparrow that had apparently hit the window and rolled in to the gutter. His little body was being cradled by the leaves that I had not yet cleared from the gutter and he looked like a goner. (Little black Xs for eyes and everything.) I spent some time pondering which trash bin he would need to go in...yard waste? regular trash? when all of a sudden he sat upright and blinked open his eyes.

I let out a little yelp of excitement, which caused my husband to run in to the room. "Birdie!" I said to my husband. (I had named the bird.) "Birdie is alive!!" My husband came to the window to see what his crazy wife was talking about.

I continued to check in on Birdie for the next four hours or so and fantasized about nursing him back to health. It was, after all, our house that had caused the injury. I had grand plans about putting Birdie in a box and covering it with an old milk crate while he recovered. I talked to him through the window, and told him my email address over and over...just in case.

Right before the sun set, Birdie stretched out his wings and flew away.

I get emails from him all the time, apparently he works at a Canadian Pharmacy and can get me a great deal on prescriptions!

He says they are really CHEEP!
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