Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Celebrate without a tree.

All the magazines I'm reading are debating the buy a real Christmas tree vs. buy an artificial tree dilemma. Which is less costly to the consumer? Which is better for the environment? On and on the debate rages. I say, forget the trees and get wreaths instead.

1) Celebrate multiple winter holidays? Wreaths are a symbol of winter, not any particular holiday. Decorate them as you wish.

2) Wreaths are made out of branches that have been trimmed off of trees. Thus, they have already been recycled once.

3) They are much easier to handle and much faster to decorate. And you can play Frisbee with them too.

Still addicted to decorating a tree?

Decorate the living trees in front or back of your house with lights, buy a small rosemary bush to decorate/use for cooking or just display ornaments in large glass jars.

And most of all, don't feel like you need to compete with Martha Stewart. (She doesn't do it all herself, anyway.)
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