Saturday, November 17, 2007

Do a turkey test run.

Cooking a turkey is easy...unless you've never done it before. I suggest you do a turkey test run. You can do it on one of the days leading up to Thanksgiving, or any time of the year. Here are some turkey tricks I learned the hard way:

1) If you need to buy a roasting pan, measure the inside of your oven so you buy one that will fit.

2) Allow lots of extra time for the turkey to defrost. Then allow even more time.

3) The turkey will have two cavities. These cavities usually come filled with either disgusting stuff or yummy flavor makers (it's up to you). Take them out. Do not cook the turkey with them inside.

4) Do not pick up a hot cooked turkey with your hands. Martha Stewart thinks these are the best for that task. (Then again, she does make them.)

5) Do not carve the turkey in front of your guests. Rachael Ray even recently mentioned that she makes two turkeys. One goes on the table for presentation while the other gets sliced up in the kitchen. Later, she brings the second turkey to the kitchen and carves that one.

6) Freeze some of the cooked, sliced turkey to make sandwiches in the future.
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