Monday, November 26, 2007

Learn a foreign language.

I recently got in to a heated debate with my favorite 3 year old. I can't remember what started the exchange, but we quickly resorted to one word responses:

"No." She said pointedly.

"No." I said back, in the same tone, showing her that I was an equal.

"No." She retorted without even blinking.

Ha! I thought to myself. I'll pull a Bugs Bunny (Rabbit Fire) on her! So I said, "Yes."

"No." She responded, not amused.

I know, I know, I thought...I'll best her by using my foreign language skills! "Si!" I said, switching to Spanish.

"No." She said, with a little smirk on her face.

I'll get her, I thought. I'll say no in Spanish, then I will win. So I drew on my six years of high school Spanish, and said..."No."

She looked at me, sighed, and went back to eating her locally grown, heirloom, sustainably harvested, hand picked, delivered by a biodiesel truck, soon to be composted, organic apple.

Next time, I'll try Italian.
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