Friday, November 23, 2007

Toss that top sheet.


Missburrows, you think you are so cool. I bet I can stump you. Do you have a way to reduce my laundry loads, save me time and find something to occupy my kids, so that I can sit down and have a martini?


Hi jen30764,

Here is my suggestion, toss that top sheet. My husband could not sleep in a bed where the sheets were tucked in and I am forever bored with doing laundry, so we decided to ditch the top sheet. We switched to a down comforter with a washable comforter cover (duvet). It is now faster and easier to make the bed and do the laundry and the top sheet makes a very cool fort in the living room.

Thanks for not asking about a recipe for a martini, then you would have stumped me.

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