Monday, December 31, 2007

Be careful in the bathroom: Part 2

A few months after the previous bathroom mishap (having learned nothing), I was in the upstairs bathroom one day, realizing that with all the beets (yuck!) and other vegetables (yuck!yuck!) that my mom made me eat, I was probably pretty strong. Super strong. Wonder woman strong!

I flexed my muscles in the mirror. I imagined flying my invisible jet and beating up bad guys. I looked around the bathroom to see what I could do to prove that I was strong.

A ha!! I thought. I'll do chin ups! So I grabbed the long towel bar holder that was attached to the back of the bathroom door. I summoned all my super strength to do some chin ups but instead I pulled the towel holder right off the door.

Having proved my point, that I was indeed strong, I quickly flew away in my invisible plane (I had to flee before Mom found the carnage I had made).

Want to have your own bathroom fun, but currently stuck behind the computer? Try this.
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