Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Code your gifts.


Missburrows, I've run out of hiding places for my wrapped presents! The kids always find them and figure out what is for them, what can I do?


Dear Frazzledmom,

Do what my mom used to do. Wrap all the presents but do not put the TO/FROM tags on them. Instead create a code, e.g. A=Sarah, B=Matthew, and just write the code for the recipient on the bottom of the package.

Take out your master code/solution sheet the night before Christmas and put the labels on the packages then.



Update #1: Since you have all been clamoring! Yes, clamoring to see if I actually follow my own advice, I have updated the photo for this post.

Update #2: The blog gods are listening! Look what I just got from the FedEx guy! Maybe I should write a post about winning the lottery!
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