Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Create a wish list.

Every Christmas my brother and I would make wish lists. I think we skipped the whole mail it to Santa thing and gave it right to the source: Mom and Dad.
The older I got, the more detailed they were (see photo).

Even though my husband and I don't exchange presents, we both keep lists (his is on a web page, mine is in my brain) for various relatives that really want to get us gifts. This way, the relative doesn't have to do any work to figure out what would be a good gift and everyone is guaranteed to be happy. In addition, because we have relatives all over Europe, we try and pick gifts that we can get at It makes it much easier to buy, ship and send.

So make yourself a wish list! And please include #10 World Peace (not yet available at but I'm sure they are working on it).
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