Friday, January 4, 2008

Chocolate is not the enemy.

It's a new year, you are dying to lose weight and so you have decided to stop eating chocolate.

Don't be a fool.

When you decide that you aren't going to do something, your brain usually decides otherwise. For example, right now, don't think about an elephant.

Yeah, that is what I thought.

Rather than refusing to eat chocolate, why not have some in moderation? There are easy ways to get that chocolate flavor without all the fat and sugar.

Have you considered?

*Hot chocolate (Sugar Free or Regular)
*Chocolate pudding (Sugar Free or Regular)
*Chocolate Ice Cream treats (In the USA: Skinny Cow, Weight Watchers, Healthy Choice)
*1 oz. of European Dark Chocolate (I love Milka. It's even in my Treasurelicious list in my side bar ================>)
*Chocolate Slim Fast Shake

If you only have a little and you sit down and enjoy the experience, there really is no reason to not have some chocolate.

While you are in your chocolate induced happiness, hop over to holly's blog and tell her that you agree with me. But be nice, I'm sure she knows she is crazy but hasn't really comes to terms with it yet.
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