Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't make the Kinko's/FedEx guy cry

Actually, I should back up a bit. I needed to get silver sparkily paper for our Treasurelicious hand outs. Apparently, the only place that has said silver sparkily paper is The Paper Zone, located in Portland, Oregon.

So, I trekked over there. It is a beautiful store, with beautiful paper and supplies. The baby announcement section was stocked with such sweet things that I could feel a cavity forming as I stood there.

Ok, now on to FedEx....this is what I wanted to make:

Long story short, he screwed up the print job. His face was all droopy like a puppy. He made me feel bad that he felt bad. I almost even took him over to Burgerville with me. But I didn't.

Burgerville, is a local fast-food-ish place. The Burgerville closest to the Kinko's was actually the one that we hate. It is the schizophrenic Burgerville. Although it is indeed a fast food place, this one has employees that roam the aisles acting like waitresses although they are not drives us nuts.

So, I got my Cheeseburger Kids meal:

You see that, right? It says "TOY". I did not get a toy. I wanted my toy. Sometimes the toy is something cool, like a bowl. I love my Burgerville bowls:

So there I sat. Torn between just keeping my mouth shut and speaking up, when here comes Betty.

"Is everything ok?" says Betty

and then I hear myself saying, "I didn't get a toy."

"Oh, my...I will go take care of that right now!" she says

So I happily go back to eating my fries, satisfied in the fact that I will indeed get my toy. The toy that I paid for. The toy that I deserve.

She walks by about 10 minutes later. She breezes right by, doesn't even make eye contact with me.

"Is she ignoring me?" I think

And then her boss sits down at the table next to me. I know that this is her boss because his Burgerville smock looks fancier than hers.

So I sit there. She cleans off tables. And I sit there. And in my head there is a little war going on. It's the shut up vs. do it for your blog readers war.

Her boss is right next to me and all I have to do is say,


But I don't.

Ten minutes later she walks by again, looks at me and says:

"Would you like your toy now?"

And this is what she gives me:

And I think, "What the heck am I gonna do with this crap?"
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