Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Figure out what your teacher likes

I have found, that beyond doing the assigned homework and showing up for class, you really should pay attention to what your teacher likes.

For example:

Mr. Bronson, my middle school homeroom teacher, liked things really neat and clean. He wanted all the desks lined up perfectly (he even had marked little xs on the floor to guide us). So, I tried to stay neat and clean. We got along pretty O.K.

Mr. Abbot, my high school English teacher stated at the beginning of the year:

I will take all your term papers, stand at the bottom of the stairs in my foyer, and throw them all up the stairs. The ones that land at the bottom of the stairs will get D's, the one at the top of the stairs will get A's.

So I made sure my term papers were always good and thick.

Mrs. Holmes, my high school chemistry teacher, really preferred that I did not constantly drop and break the test tubes.

So, on the 5th attempt, I finally just let my partner do it.

My high school math teacher, Mr. Pontech, apparently liked blond, 17 year old, female students that played softball and were willing to have sex with him.

I was brown haired, played field hockey and was not willing to have sex with him (not that he ever asked). I didn't so so well in math.
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