Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Guilt trips lead nowhere

(But it does give me fodder for a blog post.)

I was using StumbleUpon to find interesting web sites. So, I just took the Earth Day Footprint Quiz. I think of myself as fairly environmentally friendly. But when I got the results, the quiz said

*GASP* 6.9 planets! What the hell? I've been bringing my own bags to the supermarket for the last 7 years! Before it was cool! Back when the baggers used to roll their eyes and yell at me!

But, but...I drive a car that looks and performs more like a golf cart! We buy those squiggly bulbs just like the major says to!

So I quickly went to TerraPass and filled out the Carbon Footprint Calculator. This was better, if I pay $30/year I can offset the carbon emissions I create with the car.

Ok, so here is the plan. I'm happy to do what I can to help the environment. I will spend that $30 plus another $20 and go get a massage.

That will definitely improve my environment.
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