Monday, January 28, 2008

Learn to take rejection

The city that I live in is technically in Washington State. The state of Oregon is a 5 minute drive away. We are often referred to as a suburb of Portland, Oregon because we are so close. We don't have our own news station, we have to share with Portland. It is a weird predicament to be in. I think that Emma, Loveyh and Avery will agree with me.

I was rejected by ORBlogs.

ORblogs - Oregon Weblogs Community

They say I have to physically be living in Oregon in order to participate. Even though if I stood in front of my house and stretched out my arm, I could probably put it in Oregon.

Well, fine, ORBlogs. Then I will boycott Oregon.

Ha! What do you think about that? You don't want me, I don't want you!

Well boycott, except for the fact that Martin needs to go to work in Oregon every day and we are supposed to meet friends at FOTM for dinner this week, my parents live in Oregon, my doctors are in Oregon, the major international airport is in Portland.....fine, fine....

I won't boycott Oregon.

But the whole time I am in Oregon I will be thinking of Washington.

Update: Three seconds after I finished this post, I got an email from the lovely Paul Bausch saying that he didn't realize which city I lived in and that my city counts!
Yay, Paul and ORBlogs!I wasn't rejected after all!

Although, once he sees this post he may want to reconsider.
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