Friday, January 11, 2008

Read a book before bedtime

Reading a book before bed is much more relaxing than watching T.V. Frankly, with the writer's strike still going on, there isn't much to watch anyway. If there is a show on that we really want to see, we just set the VCR and watch it the next day.

Here is what my husband is currently reading:

Wow, is that the best selling, "Fundamentals of Corporate Finance" that all the talk shows are buzzing about? No? Well, hey, it is for his class, so I guess it is O.K.

But wait there is more:

Oh my god! "Information Architecture for the World Wide Web"! Isn't Tom Cruise starring in the movie version of this in 2009? No? Well, it has a cute polar bear on it.

Gosh, I am exhausted from teasing my husband so much. Luckily he won't be home until late tonight and therefore will be too tired for retaliation.

Let's see what I am reading. Surely it is some best seller or at least one of those trashy romance novels.

Damn you choconuts!
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