Monday, January 14, 2008

The Secret Is To Know When To Stop

We went back up to the mountains on Sunday.
There was a lot less snow on the roads, we didn't even need to put chains on the tires.

It was nice and sunny and much warmer than last week. Unfortunately, that meant the place was a bit crowded.

The snow looked like butter cream frosting on a wedding cake. The sun had melted some snow, which had then re-frozen. So, it was a bit like skiing on styrofoam that had a nice coating of ice on it.

And, if for example, you happened to fall going down a hill, hit the snow really hard, so hard in fact that your ski embedded itself a few inches down in the snow, it kinda hurt. I don't have an example of what it hurt like because I refused to let myself feel the pain (those pre-ski Advils helped too). After about 20 minutes we decided that we would like to keep all our appendages attached and unbroken and headed back to the car.

We ate our sandwiches and placed bets to see how soon the others would stop.
enjoyed the sun.

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