Friday, January 25, 2008

Sit next to the bagels

I was at a BarCamp Portland meetup last night. I was there to meet some like minded folk and to talk about Treasurelicious. After standing and mingling for 30 minutes I decided to take a seat. We were at Jive Software and their break room is always brimming with food and drink.

I sat down next to a huge tray of bagels. Throughout the night I talked to some really cool people, including Raven Zachary of Portland On Fire , Dawn Foster, and Don Park. We talked about geeky things like OpenId and as always the event was a huge success. I plan on going to Ignite Portland in February.

While I like to think that people came over to talk to me because they had been blown away by my introduction and were dying to hear more about Treasurelicious, I think it may have just been that they really liked bagels.
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