Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Get bowled over.

My husband and I spent a nice quiet New Year's Day yesterday. It was rainy and cold outside, so we decided to watch the Orange Bowl.

It was a bit tart for my taste, so we switched over to the Cotton Bowl.

(Yes, I realize that technically, that is not a bowl, but please bear with me, I promise I am almost done!)

Of course, next up, was the Sugar Bowl.

The sugar bowl only made me want to watch the chocolate bowl (not a real sporting event) and you can't just watch the chocolate bowl, you must eat from it.

Unlike my friend holly, I will not be avoiding chocolate in January. But I am a good friend, and do not want to tease others by showing pictures of chocolate.

See, that is totally not chocolate!

To my dear husband:
No we did not do any of this yesterday. You have not forgotten. You are not losing your mind. This was fabricated to make the readers of my blog laugh. Why yes, fabricated is a big word, thank you for noticing.
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