Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Choose your furniture wisely.

The other day, as I was walking by the TV room, I didn't even see Martin sitting on the couch, he had sunk in so deeply. After we pried him out of the couch (rope+car=very helpful) we sat down (somewhere else) and decided to get some new furniture.

"How do we figure out where to get new furniture?" I asked.
"Consumer reports! We should look in Consumer Reports!"

"I'm pretty sure they don't do reviews on furniture." he said.

[Long pause]

"Well they should!" I said.

"Right." he said.

"We could always just stop at every furniture store in town, compare prices and styles and then do research on all the fabrics and frames. Then we could poll people that were in the store, and after 3 months of collecting data we could make a preliminary choice." he suggested.

"Or", I said, "Or, we could just do what we did last time."

"Last time?" he asked.

"Yes, back in 1999. We went to Jordan's Furniture, in Massachusetts. And do you remember why we went there?" I asked.

"Because it was your idea?" he said.

"Well, yeah, but why?" I said. "Don't you remember what they have at Jordan's Furniture?"

"Chocolate chip cookies and popcorn!!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, right! And that furniture has held up very well.
Forget fabric strength or frame construction. Let's judge furniture on the kind of snacks that are available at the store!" I said.

Swedish meatballs and Almondy cake here we come!

(IKEA people, I am talking about going to IKEA.)
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