Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Diamonds don't automatically equal sex.

Valentine's Day is just days away and both the radio, TV and internet are filled with ads that are trying to convince you that diamonds=sex. With memorable quotes like, "She gets what she wants, you get what you want." the message is quite clear.

Feel free to fall in to this trap, diamonds are pretty and sparkily, but if you believe that you need to buy someone diamonds in order to have sex, you will be poor or lonely real fast.

On this Valentine's Day, I suggest things that are easier and pretty much a sure thing:

1. Do the dishes. Without being asked. Do them right. Do not break any dishes.

2. Cook dinner. Or, bring in some take-out. Either way, your sweetheart should not be near the stove, oven or microwave.

3. Rub something. Be it a foot, (or both) a back, a knee, or even a hand. Rub until the person visibly relaxes.

4. Leave them alone. Take the kids, the dog, the cat, what-have you and let your love be alone to think and relax.

5. Pancakes and chocolate. In bed.

Happy Valentine's Day! You are welcome.
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