Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get a clue.

I'm sure that some geek somewhere has had a dream about Ward Cunningham offering him/her a tray of cookies. Well, folks, I have now lived that dream. That's right, yesterday I was at the Portland lunch 2.0 event hosted by AboutUs in their beautiful, spacious (and color coordinated) suite. The food was fabulous, the conversation both geeky and enlightening (You can freeze menstrual blood? Whaaaat?).

Even with a crowd of 50+, I was one of the very few women in the room. I am seriously considering starting a dating service for women looking for geeky men. I think I'll call it, GAVL (Geeks Are Very Loyal).

I spent some time talking to the usual suspects, but then was given the full tour by Mark Dilley. Two minutes later, we were done. I also chatted with Jeff Martens and his co-conspirator, handsomemaninstripedshirt (sorry, didn't catch the name) of The Portlander and Goboz and possibly made a faux pas regarding their tag line. C'mon, what do you think when you hear, "Turn Your City On"?

Tak Kendrick then proved to me how easy it is to add your business to AboutUs. (Yes, watching him do it was easy.) I was planning on adding Treasurelicious anyway, Tak just got me started. (Thank you Tak.)

Heading back to the car, the sun was shining and the trains were rolling. I got to the car and found a note.

"Oh", I said to myself, "someone left me a love note."

What? What? Oh, actually I did not see those signs. I guess I was blinded by all the Thriller 25 posters plastered all over the building.

I looked around for someone to apologize to. Then I realized that the note was a photocopy, rather than an original. I was not the first to make this mistake and surely not the last.

But thank you invisible note man for not towing my car. I appreciate it and will not park there again. Would you like a cookie? I was going to put it on ebay, but you can have it.
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