Thursday, February 21, 2008

If you are going to lift up your shirt all day, don't bother tucking it in.

Yes, that's right. I will probably be pulling up my shirt all day in front of strangers. Why? Well, to show them this.

(By the way, I did not get run over by a tiny tractor. Those marks are from the elastic in my jammies.)

That's right. It's time again for the Portland Diabetes Expo and I lurv my insulin pump company so much that I will spend the whole day stumping for them at their booth.

And the lovely Audrey, who I saw at last night's Metroblogging Portland meetup, creator of a cool listing of food carts in Portland, told me that about a great site that lists places to eat near the convention center. So no peanut butter & jelly sandwich with apple slices for me! I'm going to Tiny's!

People that are considering getting an insulin pump really want to touch and to see what it is actually like. The last time I was at the event, I ended up pulling up my shirt all day long. So this time, I am smarter. I will put my site in a better place and I will not tuck in my shirt.

Wondering how large my insulin pump is? Here are some photos for a comparison:

My pump is smaller than this Annie Lennox CD:

My pump is smaller than this Splenda dispenser:

So, if you are at the Expo, please make sure to come to the Animas booth and come say Hello.

I will be the one lifting my shirt up.

(CD and Splenda dispenser lovingly donated by Holly.)
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