Friday, February 8, 2008

Tell The Whole Story

Sybil Law, Holly, and CrankMama have been hounding me to tell them the story of the hissyfitlady that was at Ignite Portland. If you remember, we had 750+ show up to try and get in to the Bagdad Theater, which can only hold 750. What I forgot to mention, was that within that 750+ we had 3 babies in slings, 2 children under the age of 6, a handful of tweens and one guide dog. In all that, only one person made a scene. I've been searching through all the photos of Ignite Portland, and actually found one of hissyfitlady. So, here she is:

(It's the old lady, not the young one.)

Hissyfitlady had been sitting in the restaurant adjoining the Bagdad, typing away at her laptop while we set up for the crowd. There were 6 laptops set up for registration, and they were lining the back wall.

It was cold and rainy outside and the line to get in went back two blocks. As we were about to open the doors, hissyfitlady sauntered in from the restaurant. Two lovely, smart, volunteers immediately tried to stop her, explaining that she could not enter from that way. Hissyfitlady then whined, "But, I've been sitting in there for two hours!" (While everyone else stood in the cold....) they tried to explain that she would have to go out and get in line.

She sat down next to all the laptops and opened hers. The volunteers then told her that she could not sit there because she would restrict the flow of traffic. She harumphed, "I'm doing personal work!

I'm not sure what happened next, but hissyfitlady agreed to register and then she stomped off towards the seats.

So now you are probably saying to yourself, but missburrows, hadn't you also entertained the thought of sitting in the warm restaurant and then walking in to Ignite Portland when the doors opened?

And I say, "You shush. I volunteered. That is totally different."
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