Sunday, February 3, 2008

There is nothing wrong with the word vibrator

What is the problem people? Why won't anyone on network television say the word vibrator?

Donald Trump was recently on the Rachael Ray show. They were playing a game where he had to guess what a bunch of strange objects were.

When he got to this one:

they both erupted in giggles. They kept saying, "You know what it reminds me of 'those..." But they just weren't adult enough to say the word vibrator.

On Judge Mathis (what do you want, I was eating lunch) he keep harassing a defendant about a certain spa party she went to. He would not leave her alone. He kept saying, "Was it one of those parties?" But he would not say the word vibrator.

And finally, the promo they have been playing for The New Adventures of Old Christine has Julia Louis-Dreyfus saying, "Guess who I'm going home with?"

Her ex-husband says, "That thing in your underwear drawer?"
Her brother says, "That thing in your nightstand?" But no one will say vibrator.

So I will. VIBRATOR.

You know what, I'm gonna start answering the phone that way.

Yeah, the next time the phone rings, I'm going to say, "Vibrator!"

That ought to get me on the Do Not Call List pretty fast.

Update: I just remembered that when we were younger, my brother and I would call each other, dildo and douchebag. And not in a loving way. My mom put a stop to it the day she explained what each thing meant.
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