Thursday, March 13, 2008

Be nice to your mother

Now CamiKaos has recently posted saying: Never listen to your mother, but I say, be nice to your mother. Why do I mention this? Well, because as it turns out, I was not nice.

A few months ago, my sweet Mom called me and asked me if I wanted to come over to watch a movie.

"It's called Helvetica." she said

"Isn't that a font? You are going to watch a movie about a font? Umm, no thanks Mom, I think I'd rather stay home and watch a movie about things people find on the bottom of their shoes. It's called Soles, yeah, that's it."

Later on that night, my husband came home.

"Guess what!" I said "My mom invited me over to watch a movie about a font!"

"Do you mean Helvetica?" he said "Oh, I've heard that is a fantastic movie! Did you go?"


I'm sorry Mom. I'm sorry for assuming that the movie was some obscure documentary about boring things. Now that I know that it is possibly a new cult classic, I kick myself for not seeing it before it gained its fame.

Now I'm just a pathetic follower. No one likes a pathetic follower. But at least I know that you will still like me. You have to. You're my mom. Isn't that what you promised when you signed my birth certificate?
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