Monday, March 3, 2008

Don't start a collection.

If you'd prefer to park your car in the garage or not pay a monthly fee for a storage unit, I suggest you don't start a collection. What seems like fun at first often turns in to a dust collecting burden. And please, please, don't start scrapbooking. A friend once showed me all the accoutrements she needed in order to make her books. Yikes! I got the creepy crawlies just hearing about it.

Stuck with a collection that you don't know what to do with? Pick out three items that you love and toss the rest. Take a big breath and enjoy the extra space in your home and less weight on your shoulders.

Rather than collecting things, collect memories.

(Please note, this advice does not apply to ex-husbands, nasty in-laws, stinky siblings or annoying friends. I'm pretty sure it is illegal to put them in the trash.
Although, you certainly can try.)
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