Thursday, March 27, 2008

Figure out who you are sitting next to before you start making snarky comments.

My alma mater has a new president and she's been touring the country meeting with alumnae. Last night, she was in Portland. After the initial chit chat and viewing of blueprints for the proposed college building developments, we sat down to hear the President speak.

I'm not going to say what snarky comment I said, but I will say it did somehow involve Wild Salmon (Yay! Eco-Trust). Anyway, after I made my semi-snarky comment (not about the President) they announced that the man on my left was indeed, the husband of the president. Ooops.

But I am not really that worried.

1) He looked a bit like Robert Redford. RR is always nice. (See: The Natural)

2) He is from Boston, and Boston is the capital of snark.

3) After hitting 3 states in 3 days, I think he was too exhausted to even notice me. (He did however, notice the crab cakes. Quite a few times, in fact.)

And no, I'm not going to tell you where I went to college, I don't have time...I'm meeting CamiKaos for lunch.
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