Thursday, April 24, 2008

Be careful where you sit.

The other day I was on the MAX riding in to Portland when there was a bit of an incident. It's kind of complicated, so I drew you a diagram:

The red heart is me. "A" is scruffyladytalkingonthecellphone and "B" is scruffydudetalkingtoscruffyladytalkingonthecellphone. Got that?

Ok, so "A" sat down next to me, while "B" stood to the left of her. "A" chided "B" for not sitting down in the empty seat in front of me. Eventually "B" sat down and replied, "I didn't want to. Because now we've gone ahead and locked the nice lady in."

Can you see the problem?

Here take another look at the diagram:

The problem?

They assumed that I was nice.
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