Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stimulate your environment.

Guess what? It's National Masturbation Month!

For your pleasure: 4 great reasons to masturbate, plus an extra special 5th reason.

1) You can't get pregnant when you masturbate.

2) You can't get/give a Sexually Transmitted Disease, or a Sexually Transmitted Infection when you masturbate.

3) No one knows you the way that you do.

4) You don't need to clean the house, get new sheets or wear sexy lingerie in order to impress yourself.


5) Stimulate the economy and yourself by having a "vibrating lunch" (aptly named by CamiKaos). Have lunch with friends, then go to your favorite sex toy retailer and use your "economic stimulus package" to buy yourself something that will make you forget about the high gas prices for a while.

Ok, hop to it, you've got 25.5 days left!
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