Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Take A Food Vacation

With the way that gas prices are (high) and they way that we are (tired) we decided that instead of going away for the long holiday weekend, we would would holiday at home.

We took a food vacation. No, not a vacation from food. A vacation at home, where we went to new food places.

You can certainly look for inspiration in a a travel book, like one from EatShopGuides, the local newspaper or do what we did and go where our friends suggested.

We went with our friends, CamiKaos and Dr. Normal to:

Curds & Whey Cheese shop in Sellwood, OR

It was fromagical. (Get it? fromage+ magical=fromagical!)

Staccato Gelato (New location in Sellwood, OR!)

(This is where we all witnessed gelato murder, because Cami had to have it in a cone. Very sad. Very, very sad.)


Yum. Cheese.

Matt Walker
took us to:

Hollywood Farmers' Market

Fleur De Lis Bakery

Did I mention that Matt is single? Ladies, go say hello to Matt.

and finally Katherine and Aaron Gray took us to


Where the very chivalrous Aaron, made the mistake of offering to change seats with me. His
reward, was getting wet from a lighting and rain storm.

Martin and I had never been to any of these places before, so it was a great experience. And spending time with friends is always a good way to spend a vacation.
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