Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There is such a thing as a free lunch: Part 2 of 3

(This is the one where my Dad buys me lunch in order to get mentioned on my blog.)

"Hi blogger!" said my Dad. (This is how he greets me now. Even though he and Mom picked out a perfectly lovely name for me years ago.)

"I've got a great story for you to blog about!" he says "Do you remember 1962?"

"Oh yes, clear as day." I say (I was born in 1975).

"Well as you know, I went to Villanova University, and in 1962, the Liberty Bowl [football game] was held between Villanova and Oregon State University.
A man named Terry Baker made a 99 yard touchdown for OSU, winning the game.

Well, he has a business in town, and tomorrow I am going to see him, to give him a check from Ecotrust [this is where my Daddy works] and I am going to have your Mom come along and take a picture."

"Are you going to strangle him in it?" I say.

"Heh, no." he says.

A little bit later I can over hear my Dad talking to my husband. I hear the "going to meet him tomorrow..." and then I hear my husband say, "Are you going to put him in a headlock?" and I snicker to myself.

After lunch at the yummy City Lights Cafe (which we are positive had nothing to do with the "plumbing emergency" that happened at the nearby Little River Cafe) he reaches over to get the check and says, "So, is this worth putting in your blog? He's a Heisman Trophy winner."

"Well, Dad, I keep pretty tight publishing dates, do you think you can get me the photo before Wednesday?"

"Oh, yes! No problem." he says.

So here it is, a photo of my father with Terry Baker:

My father, who continued to ask every weekend, if my homework was done. (Even after I had graduated from college.)


I'm hoping that Terry Baker doesn't have my Dad in a headlock somewhere.
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