Monday, July 7, 2008

If you need to eat a lot of ice cream, bring your whole family with you.

I may or may have not mentioned it, but I have quite a large family. Although I only have one brother and one niece, I have (wait, I need to get some paper to do some math) 14 cousins (including their spouses).

With that many cousins, there are many things to celebrate: weddings, babies, successful business ventures, promotions, job changes, travels to distant places... but we as a family, have a new accomplishment to be proud of.

This past weekend, my brother, Ryan and his daughter (who live in Olympia, Washington) flew down to San Francisco to visit with some of our family and while there, competed in the Marin County Fair's, Ben & Jerry's Vermonster contest.

(Yes, I do realize that Ted's label is in black, while everyone else's is in blue. He was the mastermind behind the outfits, so he gets a different color. Now, shush, and keep reading.)

What happens in a Vermonster contest, is that teams have to finish a 3 gallon tub of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. But it also has various food items mixed in: brownies, cookies, etc. The first team to finish, wins.

So here are the "cow boys" that joined together in an attempt to win the contest:

And you know what? They won. They finished the tub in 2 minutes 9 seconds. I'm both proud and horrified, and really, really, hope that Naomi videotaped the whole thing.

And since I'm such a sweet sister, I'd like to show you one more photo:

This is my brother. Have I mentioned he is single?

It is also his birthday on Saturday. Happy birthday Ryan! (I'm guessing you aren't going to have any ice cream with your birthday cake.)


While we won't be having a ice cream eating contest, Camp Naughty is this weekend July 11-12th, 2008. Please come check it out (online and streaming live).
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