Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Ok to be shocked: Part 1 of 2

On April 28, 2008 (Yes, of course I wrote this date down.) CamiKaos and I were sitting at Springwater Grill, in Sellwood, Oregon when we created, Camp Naughty.

We sat at the table, thought of things we would want to do and wrote it down on the brown butcher paper that covered the table. It sounded great to us, but we wondered, would 5 other women who really didn't know each other want to come?

Well, on July 11th, 2008. They did.

First, we had Giddy, all the way from California. CamiKaos and I stood at the airport waving the Camp Naughty sign. About 500 other people saw it (and commented) before Giddy made her way toward us. (Apparently, she had needed to use the ladies room.)

(CamiKaos and Giddy)

We dragged her off to Burgerville for her first meal in Portland. I don't remember if we even asked her permission. (Although, she did ignore my suggestion that she get a shake.)

Around 6 pm, we did a quickie podcast with our International Camp Naughty campers: Holly and Jo.

But, soon after, 7pm rolled around and our other campers started arriving:

Badmom (The only one on time!)

Joleine (Who brought fabulous penis cupcakes!)

Mediachick (Who brought yummy cake.)

Verso (With her brand spanking new iPhone 3G.)

The tents were ready

the food was eaten and then it was time to Podcast. For me, this was the most shocking part of Camp Naughty...but not for the reason you might think.

If you haven't already listened, you can listen here, but please note, it is for adult audiences.

To be continued...
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