Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Ok to be shocked: Part 2 of 2

I am hoping you have recovered from listening to the Camp Naughty Strange Love Live podcast.

On, we go...

We had our campers, we had our food and then we all trampled downstairs in to the Strange Love Live pod casting room. One by one, each camper answered our questions. Even the goofy, "What's your favorite thing about CamiKaos and Missburrows?" one. The one that someone thought was silly.

We really thought we would get absurd answers like, "Your eyes are as blue as the bluest lake in all the world" or "Your toes make me want to fall in love again." But instead, we got, real, honest answers. Answers that shocked me (see? the shocking!). Why? Because the things that my dear campers said, showed me that people were understanding the person I was trying to be. And that rendered me speechless. For a bit anyway.

We wrapped up the podcast and continued to eat, drink and giggle the night away. Things were said, things were shared, things I'm not going to tell you because you were not there!

People started to head to their tents. I had previously demanded that CamiKaos and I sleep in different tents. Even when she tried her puppy dog eyes on me. No dice. (I thought it would be rude.)

But by the time she got to her tent:

She realized all her tent mates were sleeping. She looked over at us in the other tent:

and said, "Wow, Missburrows sure has a big air mattress. And you guys are all still awake..." so I broke down and invited her to sleep next to me. Big mistake. Every time she moved, I moved. I had to wait for her to get her kicks bouncing me around and then finally we realized everyone but us were asleep.

I don't remember if I said this out loud, but I know I was thinking, "Holy crap! We did it!"

Next time, we hope you can join us. Because there is no way we can stop now.
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