Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Steam it up

Martin have I been married for 8 years...or is it 7? I think it's 7. Yes, 7! Plus 2ish years of dating, so that's nearly a decade of being together. So when I saw a listing in Glamour magazine of "Hot Flicks". I figured we would have seen them all already.

So, I started to read the list:

The Other Boleyn Girl
(Well, no, we haven't seen that, but that just came out...last February.)

(Nope. Didn't see that!)

(Again, nope. Probably waiting for it to get to the "old releases" section of the video store. Oh wait! Yes, we did see it! But it obviously isn't very memorable.)

The Notebook
(Yes! Well, not really. We saw it on T.V. The last hour of it (plus commercials) and I loved it until the END THAT WAS HORRIBLE.

(It doesn't sound like it ends no, haven't seen it.)

(Our friend wouldn't shut up about this movie, so I guess we never bothered to go see it.)

The Thomas Crown Affair
(I think it involved a briefcase. I'm not really excited by briefcases.)

Shakespeare in Love
(Yes! Yes! I saw this one! It was lovely! It was great.)

(Oh, I saw it with a different guy...not Martin. Does that still count?)

That's the list. If you think I should go back and see one of the movies, let me know and I will see if I can find it on
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