Monday, July 21, 2008

There is nothing to be ashamed of

CamiKaos and I recently went to see author, Melissa Lion, at Booty Call: 5. She recited a particularly naughty story. One that made us laugh and ooh and ahh, all at the same time.

Since it was a girl's night out, CamiKaos and I dressed up a bit:

Since Cami had her iPhone, she started taking pictures of us.
And she send them out via Twitter. Someone commented, "What's with all the boob shots? some troll out on the Internet will find them and satisfy himself..."

and this comment, made me mad. But I couldn't figure out why. So I thought about it. I talked to Cami on the phone the next day, I thought some more... and I responded:

"1) they were on display already 2) i was asked permission 3) i refuse to be ashamed about how i choose to display my body. :)"

and he responded back:

"thanks for splaining are beautiful in the best ways"

But I am still mad. But not at him. Why am I mad?

Because if you go to the supermarket, you see this:

and this...

Breasts are everywhere. Daytime T.V., movies, ads...EVERYWHERE!

And mine, at least, are real, attached to real woman's body. A woman that is smart and creative and strong.

The world thinks it owns my breasts, can dictate what I can and cannot do with them. Can dictate what they are supposed to look like, bounce like, feel like, where and how they can be used to breast feed..and if they had to be removed for some reason...that I would somehow be less feminine.

What is this power the world has over breasts?

Well, you know what world? Fuck you! They are mine and I will do with them what I please.
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