Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't delay gratification

Many months ago, I attended my first geeky/blogger networking event in Portland, OR. I was immediately welcomed and attended to by Melissa Lion. I did not realize that the Melissa that was sharing her yummy fries with me, was actually a two time published author. Once I realized this (weeks later) I ran out and got her books

(Ok, fine I got them from the library. I don't buy books unless they are reference books.)

I cracked open Swollen, devouring it in one afternoon. But I realized last week that poor Upstream has been sitting next to my bed, unopened for weeks. Melissa has not written another book and part of me doesn't want to stop hearing her lyrical words in my head.

Then, last week, I was invited to another event in Portland: BackFencePDX, which is the brainchild of Melissa Lion and Frayn Masters.

CamiKaos and I went to her local consignment store where she found a dress (that her husband will probably not let her leave the house in) and I found some lovely shoes: black and brown with black applique work on the side.

Even though they were on sale, even though I could walk in them, even though they fit...I left them at the store.

Then Cami and I went back to her house and got dressed up for the event. We were ready early, so I quietly asked her if she knew what time the store closed. We left her house quickly, hi-tailed it to the store (which was closing in 10 minutes) I ran to the back, grabbed the shoes and plopped them on the counter: $10.69.

I changed in to them in the car and off Cami and I went.

Realizing that it's silly to delay pleasure, I cracked open Upstream the next day.
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