Friday, August 1, 2008

Recycle 'til it hurts

No, I'm kidding. Please don't hurt yourself recycling. However, here are 3 new ways to recycle things that you previously thought were just plain old trash.

1) Recycle those caps.

No, not hats. You can recycle those easily enough by giving them to a friend or sending it off to a consignment store or thrift shop. I am talking about the caps that come on plastic bottles, that we usually have to throw away since the recycling companies won't take them (in the USA).

Well, now Aveda, wants them. I'm going to start collecting mine and will bring them to a nearby Aveda salon (and hope that they don't throw them all back at me).

Find out more: Recycle Caps with Aveda.

2) Recycle your old electronics.

Don't let your old electronics gather dust, or worse, end up in a landfill.
Go to MyGreenElectronics, put in your zip code and a handy list of recyclers, their locations and what they will accept will pop up. Once you've gotten rid of your old stuff, there will be much more room for the new.

3) Ditch your Crocs.

I know that there are many people who hate Crocs, or at least think they should be restricted to gardening or just be for children.

So, the good news:
You can now recycle your Crocs! Yay! Death to Crocs!

The bad news:
They grind them up and make them in to NEW Crocs and then distribute them in poor countries.

I really feel bad for the people in 3rd world countries. No food, no water, and now...ugly shoes...full of holes.

(I'm kidding, I think Crocs should be applauded for their sustainable efforts. I would however, push them to try and use more than just 25% recycled material, and I also suggest they link from their Crocs site to their SolesUnited site. But, then I am know to be anal about these things.)
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