Friday, September 5, 2008

Get it out of my house!

I don't like clutter. I don't like useless things. So while my husband was away on business I cleaned out my closet. Anything that didn't fit, was too matronly or was just simply unflattering went in to a pile.

From that pile, I culled things that I thought a consignment store would be interested in.

At the same time, I've been selling things on Craigslist that we no longer use. Rugs from years ago? Good-bye! Luggage that we only used once. Adios!

And to make the purge even more fun, I brought all the yogurt, cottage cheese, and ricotta cheese tubs I'd been saving since Portland announced they would now recycle them, and brought them to the foolish CamiKaos (foolish for offering to let me do this).

So I'm set for now.

However, those Magic The Gathering Cards keep looking at me funny. They'd best behave themselves or they will be next.
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