Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Help move it along

My parents are moving from an apartment on the South Park Blocks (near Portland State University) to a swanky condo down near the waterfront. TODAY.

So, as I quickly throw on some helping my parents move clothes, I will share with you a few tips I have learned from helping other people move.

1. Wear comfy, closed toed shoes. Sneakers are the best, but any sturdy yet comfortable shoe will do. (This is also a good idea for when you go to a Home Improvement store-there's nothing worse than having a box of nails fall on your poor exposed toes.)

2. Bring some snacks that don't require utensils or plates to eat. I'm bringing some Lara Bars and Costco Trail mix.

3. Don't bring extra stuff with you. I'm leaving my laptop at home. Not just because my Dad accidentally disconnected the wireless access either. But because it creates one more thing for me to have to keep track of.

4. Be prepared to return to your home and feel a little disappointed. My parents have a spectacular view. Two spectacular views actually. I'm sure I will be a little jealous. But I'm pretty sure I will be welcome at all family gatherings, so I know it will work out.
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