Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shut up and you'll get out faster.

I was just at the dentist. It was basically a pain free experience, except for when the hygienist polished my teeth. I hate that.

When I was little, the legend goes, that I actually threw up on a hygienist because (partly) she used bubble gum flavored toothpaste. After that, I had a huge note on my chart telling the hygienists to use only mint.

So, as I sat there, with my mouth open and mind wandering I started thinking of questions I'd love to ask her.

Can you tell what type of food people have recently eaten when you clean their teeth?

Can you tell the difference between a vegetarian, vegan, or traditional eater, because of their teeth?

But I just lay there quiet and still, because I knew that the more I talked no matter how thoroughly entertained by my questions, the hygienist was, I would be there longer. And that was not something I wanted.

I still had one burning question to ask, a comment really. I thought to myself, do it for the blog!

I enjoy this poster of the puppy tacked up on the ceiling, but would you consider instead putting up a poster of David Beckham? That would really make my dental visit more enjoyable!

But in the end, I decided to just keep quiet. She had power tools and knew how to use them. But I think I have a very good point. Next time I will look for a Suggestions box.
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