Monday, September 8, 2008

Try out transumerism

No, I didn't make that word up. Yes, I love the idea.

Transumerism, refers to people who forgo permanent ownership of possessions in favor of renting. (Or so says, the Body & Soul magazine from March 2008 that my Mom just gave me.)

Wondering if you are a transumer?

If you use Netflix or rent videos, you are a transumer.

If you borrow books, or other items from the library, you are a transumer.

If you get magazines but read them and pass them off to your neighbors, the gym or the local community center, you are a transumer.

What they don't mention, is the name for someone that gets a bit of a high off of returning the items back to their owners.

Hello, My name is Missburrows and I am a habitual transumer.

Hey, it's cheaper and less lethal than drugs and alcohol. Plus, I don't have to store all that paraphernalia that comes with it!
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