Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Use your freezer to help the environment

So everyone composts, right? What? You don't compost!!! Shame! Shame!

(I'm just kidding. But do expect to have rotten tomatoes thrown at you on the street if this ever gets out.)

Anyway. I try to compost as much as I can, but I cannot stand leaving peels, pits and such sitting around waiting for a trip to my Urban Compost Tumbler out in our back yard.

So now, I have a container in the freezer, apply labeled, COMPOST, where I put the food bits until I have time (or a much larger amount of things to compost). Then, I grab my COMPOST container from the freezer, and make one trip, often adding an entire bag of shredded bills, in to the composter. I give it a good spin and say goodbye until later.

No bugs inside. Good bugs outside.
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