Friday, October 17, 2008

Do your homework

So I continue to be without an Internet line. Because I did not expect to be without Internet, and because I am such a lucky lady having had DSL or a T1 non-stop for the past few years, I haven't really noticed where one gets free wi-fi in Vancouver, WA.

In Portland, I always use WifiPDX to local my free wi-fi, but I don't know of any such site for Vancouver, WA.

So on Tuesday, I tried the local Burgerville. I figured I would get some lunch in me while tackling some work, but I couldn't get their Internet to work. I composted what could be composted and headed off to Uptown Village. Uptown Village is probably the hippest street in Vancouver, WA. We have the best vintage clothing store in the area (The Urban Eccentric) along with other neat places to shop and hang out. I parked on a side street, fired up my laptop and looked around for free wi-fi. The best and closest place I could find was Moxie's on Main (1929 Main St.).

While they certainly have sandwiches and chips for sale, their claim to fame is that they have all sorts of sodas that you might not have seen since you were a kid. They apparently get mobbed in the afternoon when the high schoolers get out but on Tuesday afternoon it was quiet. So quiet in fact, that I only felt sort of rude when I answered my first cell phone call in public.

As of 10/16/08 my Internet is back on, but I still highly suggest that you look around your neighborhood so that you know where to go in case you need a wi-fi fix someday.
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