Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't put your clothes in the living room

Yesterday my parents added to their fabulous new condo by getting California Closets to come do custom closet inserts for them. The guy who came did a fabulous job and was in and out in only 2 hours. Meanwhile, all the items that were originally in the closets had to go somewhere else. So, I present to you,

3 quick reasons not to put all of your clothes in the living room

1) Your daughter may feel the need to point out every item of clothing that was originally hers.

2) Your daughter, who happens to wear the same shoe size as you, may start trying on your shoes when you are in the other room and then declare, "Oh, these shoes are out of fashion, Mom. Why don't I get rid of them for you?" while she gently strokes them and looks at them with a devilish look.

3) Your daughter may notice that you have 300 black t-shirts and begin asking you why you have 300 black t-shirts.
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