Monday, October 27, 2008

Find your quiet place

Between the t.v., the computer, the phone and beeping of the washer and dryer I just can't think clearly. I need some time, some space, to think.

In Boston, I used to use my roommate's pass to the New England Aquarium and sit up at the top of the Giant Ocean Tank and watch the fish and the sea turtles until it got too crowded. Then I holed up in one of the cubbies surrounding the spiraling staircase that winds around the tank.

There isn't an Aquarium nearby, so I have yet to really find a place to do some good thinking.

I thoroughly enjoy thinking in bed, but that's because I spend 15 minutes thinking and the other hour and 45 minutes napping. (Not that there's anything wrong with it.)

So today, I will find a place (ideally a warm place) so that I can sit and think.
I'm hoping they'll have muffins.

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