Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sometimes it's the little things

Last week Martin and I had dinner with our friends W and S (I haven't gotten their permission to use their names yet.). We had a lovely dinner, with pizza, soda and a great conversation. Some how we got on the subject of shower curtain liners. I mentioned to S that I always cut the little magnets out of the bottom of the shower curtain liners before throwing the liners away (and after washing them as much as possible until it is impossible to un-guckify them.) And she looked at me in pure shock. I think she said, "Oh my god! You are brilliant."

But all I could think was, hmmm, someone needs to read my blog.

And then today, as I was heading in to Portland to see my Mom, I got stuck on the Morrison Bridge for 15 minutes because the bridge lifted to let a barge go through. This was my first time witnessing a bridge lift, and it freaked me out a little, but once I realized that there really was nothing I could do, I just sat, took a deep breath and looked out at the beautiful river and the beautiful town that is Portland, Oregon.

My point: do whatever works for you. To stay sane. To stay grounded. To stay happy.
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