Monday, October 13, 2008

Victory is crossing the starting line

At least that is what my new Kaiser Permanente 5 Miler t-shirt says.

And you know if it's written on a t-shirt, it must be true.
A few Sundays ago I competed in the Kaiser Permanente 5 miler for the first time ever. Downtown Portland, Oregon was a mad house, with streets closed and gazillions of people wandering everywhere. I got to the appointed place where I was to meet my fellow walker, Sadie Medley and waited. And waited. And waited. I watched the marathoners take off in waves, I listened to Mayor Tom Potter count down over and over and then tell the runners to have fun. After 20 minutes I finally gave up and headed over to the port-o-potties. That's where I found Ms. Medley sending me messages via her iPhone. (Since my cell phone is not quite in working order yet, I didn't get any of her messages but they sure were amusing to read once I got home.)

We got her some food, made sure her chip was on correctly.

NO TAG NO TIME! and headed to the entrance area.
As we were about to start, Sadie asked me if we had a goal. I said, "to finish without crying."

Well, we certainly met that goal. We walked quite quickly (I've never felt safer in Old Town), talked about things I cannot mention here, struggled with the fact that if we wanted water from the volunteers we had to then drop the used paper cup on the ground, looked at all the clothing others had tossed aside when they got hot (apparently, someone comes along afterwards and re-unites the clothing with it's owners), griped when the policeman made us stop for traffic (Ok, that was me), hit the port-o-potties again (That was Sadie) and decided to run the last 20 feet or so, thus blowing by the people that had been in front of us for the last few miles.

We officially finished with a time of 1:28:01(Sadie) and 1:28:02 (me) but she owes me all her fame and glory because if it wasn't for me, her chip would have been inside out on her shoe and she wouldn't have been counted at all.

So in the end, it was a fantastic day. I was so proud of my time, I went home and slept almost the exact amount of time I had walked. I am a true athlete.

Come hear Sadie tell us a tale at the next Backfence PDX Event on October 22, 2008.
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