Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote with your brain

I voted yesterday, October 20, 2008 and it feels good. Washington State has a vote by mail system. When this system was first proposed I didn't quite understand the logic, but then I remembered the 2000 election where I couldn't vote because I couldn't get to the voting place on time (I had recently moved from one town in Massachusetts to another and my voting place had not been transferred yet).

So yesterday, I put on my best jammies, turned up the heat, fired up the Internet and voted.

It took me an hour. I like to read each initiative in the Voter's Pamphlet, see who is listed under For and Against and then do some research on-line to see what other's are saying. There were only 3 initiatives for me to vote on, but I like to take my time and try and peer through the spin.

After that I quickly filled in the little empty rectangles with my black pen. I had already researched the candidates for the primary and had created a file on the computer noting whom I had voted for, so I just ran down that list real fast.

I can't recall if you are allowed to bring paper in to a voting place, but if you can, I suggest you figure out how you will be voting before you go, write it all down and then just use that list to fill in your ballot.

(The reminder phone calls and door to door canvassing hasn't begun yet, so I am considering putting a note on the door that says, VOTED and a message on my phone that says the same. Last election the phone rang all day long.)
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