Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Write down their name

Two days ago I had my land line ported over to my new
cell phone. My phone/Internet carrier apparently decided it would be fun to play with my mind, so they just cancelled everything. We have zero Internet access now.

I immediately called them to report the problem and after the issue was figured out ("Yes, we did disconnect your DSL line, so sorry.") I was told that they would need to set up a new DSL line for me, and that I would be charged $200 since the old one was disconnected before the end of the two year contract. She told me that she would leave good notes, so that when I got the bill I could call them back to get them to take the charge off the bill. I wanted to swear at her, I wanted to tell but instead I said, "Ok, well I will just get your first and last name and direct number so that if there is a problem I can call you to fix it." She was silent.

We continued on in the set up process, she told me that the Internet would be re-instated on Friday. When I balked, she stated that "I've already expedited it, it would normally take longer." (Like I really cared.)

When we were all finished, she gave me a confirmation number, I restated what she told me would happen and then I asked for her last name (since I had already written down her first name). She was silent. I asked again, "And can I please get your last name?" She finally told me her last initial. Then I asked if she had an employer ID# (which I had no idea if it even existed). She said, "Yes." Then I asked her for it. She finally told me. Then I thanked her and told her I would be in touch if there were further problems.

I turned off the phone, turned around and my husband said, "Man, you kick ass!" And then we had dinner.
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