Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have a Treasurelicious Tuesday (Self Magazine, Sept. 2008)

That's right...it's time for Treasurelicious Tuesday. Ok, now this one is gonna get a little spicy, thanks to the folks at Self Magazine that really, really want to rev up your sex life. (Just in time for 2009!)

These suggestions were in the Sex Toys for Shy Girls article.

Lipstick Vibrator
They claim it has lots of power but I just can't get past the fact that we are being encouraged to hide something so good and normal. Save your $25 and spent it on a better made vibrator.

Screaming Octopus Vibe
This one, while from a fabulous company and web-site, is made of what I call, mystery plastic, so I would stay far, far away. Not to mention the creep factor of looking down and seeing a sea creature attached to you.

K-Y Yours + Mine

I can't guarantee anything will happen for you, but the build up will be fun.

Chocolate Lover's Dice
The "food" with sex toys usually stinks. I say ditch the chocolate that comes with the kit, and get your own melted chocolate for when inspiration hits.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Get them what they want

My dear husband, Martin. The one that has kept the walkway and driveway shoveled throughout SNOWPOCALPYSE 2008

the one that helped dig out the poor UPS truck guy (after he delivered us shiny new grease catchers for our stove top).

wants nothing more for Christmas than to eat yummy food and to play games with little 'ol me.

So that's what I am gonna do.

Merry Christmas!

Stay warm, stay safe and be happy!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have a Treasurelicious Tuesday (Inc. Magazine, December 2008

Here we go, the second installment of Treasurelicious Tuesday. A day where I review items that I have found in a magazine/online or from one of our Treasurelicious users!

Today's Treasurelicious list is taken from an December 2008 interview by Inc. magazine with Christiane Lemieux, founder of DwellStudio, a bedding, table linens and other household goods company. Her designs can be seen in 1,000 U.S. retailers including Target.

Pack Max Duo (for dropping off kids from school)
Ok, granted, this one is listed under What I Covet, but still, it's a bit nuts. Nuts 'cause it's $2,449? Nope. Nuts 'cause you need to know Dutch in order to read the website?
No. It's nuts because I have no idea where you would store helmets, bags, jackets and such for two kids and where in the world you would park that thing? How about you just get a tricked out stroller instead?

Pantone Cotton Swatch Files (for her work)
This I understand. It is for work. But at $4,200.00 I hope she has it insured (and I bet she can't tote all the notebooks on the above coveted bike).

Lavin Ballet Flats (for getting around in style)
Hooray for practicality! Stilettos in NY make no sense. Oh wait, they are $500? Good-bye practicality.

Magna-Tiles (for the kiddos)
Sure they look fun, but having to build houses for your Barbies out of shoe boxes builds character! (Even if the Barbies never get to stand up straight because the boxes are too short.)

I also feel the need to point out that in the article photo, the kiddo is actually playing with the $4k Pantone samples.

See you next Treasurelicious Tuesday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Have more sex

That is all. Gotta go. ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Make a Type 1 Diabetes Basic Kit

I have gotten lots of great feedback about my CyborgCamp presentation, and am getting lots of questions. Rather then answering you all one by one, I thought I'd do it in one fell swoop!

ESSENTIAL items for every Type 1 Diabetic:
(in no particular order)

Medical ID

There are many on the market, and they don't have to be gaudy. Mine was custom made, and no one really notices it unless they ask. (Now, those of you who have met me in person are going, "So that's what her bracelet is!")

Emergency Sheet

It should list your medications, Health insurance name and number, emergency contact information etc., I have one taped inside the cabinet (to be pulled down and taken in case of emergency) and one at my parent's.

Glucagon Emergency Kit

Glucagon is injected in to the thigh to wake one from a severe low blood sugar.
You will need a prescription for this, and will need to keep it away from kiddos. I am happy to say that I have never needed it, but it is nice to know I have it just in case.

Good Source of Fast Acting Carbohydrates

This can be a small juice box, handful of Smarties rolls, lifesavers, etc., just make sure you have a lot and make sure it is with you AT ALL TIMES!

Extra Blood Glucose Meter

The strips are expensive, but they often give the meters away like candy. It's nice to have a back up blood glucose meter in case yours bonks out (or you *cough* accidentally put it in the refrigerator for 6 hours). Make sure it is the same brand as your primary blood glucose meter.

Sign up to get a free One Touch Meter here.

Extra Batteries for Your Blood Glucose Meter
Most meters come with funky batteries, something you aren't going to find at the Qwik-e mart, keep an extra one in your meter case, and you will be set.

Extra Insulin
I like to have one to two bottles (if not more) of insulin sitting in the fridge at all times. The day you drop your bottle of insulin on the bathroom tiles, and it shatters, you will thank me. (But I have yet to find a way to keep said bathroom smelling like band-aids for the next month, sorry.)

Extra Needles

Kind of an obvious one, but again, you can never be to careful.

Ketone Strips

Ketones are used to test Ketones in your urine. Ketones=bad. Check the price at your pharmacy, then check the drugstore. The drugstore is often cheaper.

A Fantastic Resource Book about Diabetes
I'd love to recommend some, but my go to book is Pumping Insulin. I suggest checking out a bunch at the library and finding one that is 1) clear 2) motivating and 3) not condescending. Steer clear of anything with "cure" in the title. That will be a crock of shit.

(You can also send me a title, and I will try and check it out for you...let me know.)

Something that makes you laugh

A favorite funny movie, a favorite funny web-site. Whatever it is that will make you laugh. Some days you won't need it. But some days you will.

Good Doctor

Preferably an Endocrinologist, that keeps up with the latest research. He/She should talk about insulin pumps, long acting insulin (such as Lantus), short acting insulin (such as Humalog/Novolog) and carbohydrate counting. If he/she doesn't, get a new doctor. (IMHO)

Blood Glucose Log

Whether it be the paper log that came with the meter, or a fancy software version, get those numbers written down so you can look them over and adjust if needed.

Digital Scale and Carbohydrate Counting Book
Yes it sucks. But yes, it works.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Have a Treasurelicious Tuesday (Health Magazine December 2008)

Welcome to the debut of Treasurelicious Tuesday! Where I review items that I have found in a magazine/online or from one of our Treasurelicious users!

To kick off this new weekly feature, we will start with

Health Magazine, December 2008, p.94
In the article entitled, Conquer the mall!

Sigg Maharadsha bottle (to carry with you while shopping)
I was originally put off by Sigg bottles because they are metal and look so heavy, but they are surprisingly light. That being said, I would prefer to keep a water bottle in the car or to just buy a $2 drink at the food court. And I'm not gonna drop $25 on a re-usable bottle. Not now. Not ever.

Herban Essentials Lemon Towelettes (for cleaning up)
20 towelettes for $15? Are you insane? Baby wipes people, baby wipes.

Graphic Image's A to Z Lists (for keeping your lists straight)
Why would I lug a 160 page book with me when I probably only need about 5 of those pages? Hello, index card.

Oo La La Pill Box (to stash your headache medicine)
Cute? Yes! Heavy looking? Yes! Instead, 1) limit your shopping time or 2) take fresh air breaks as much as possible.

iPod Shuffle (to listen to music while you wait in line)
I have no issue with the iPod Shuffle itself and if you are quiet while you wait, lovely. But if you start singing along, I will wrap you up in Christmas lights with the people talking on their cell phones and stash you all in the empty hallway.

and finally, Envirosax Reusable Bags. (to tote your new goodies)
I must admit that when I saw these in the list my heart did a little leap of joy. I love these bags. I pink puffy heart them. HOWEVER, that being said. Since my house is now full of those reusable bags that every ding dang bank/non-profit/corporation is giving away I cannot see a need for them. (However, if something **tragic** were to happen to the current bags...)

Tune in next week as I review Christiane Lemieux's Things I Can't Live Without, featured in Inc. Magazine. December 2008.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wish Tlish A Happy Birthday!

That's right, our very own Treasurelicious (or Tlish as it's called by those in the know) turns one year old today!

I didn't bake a cake (because I would have ended up eating it all by myself) or make cookies (again, same problem) but instead, have found a way to celebrate Treasurelicious' birthday EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!

Starting tomorrow, I will begin a blog feature called Treasurelicious Tuesdays, where I will comment on lists of treasures, inspired by magazine articles, or owned by Treasurelicious users. Tomorrow's profile will be from Health Magazine, December 2008!

See you tomorrow!

And as always, email me, and I will send you some Tlish stickers!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Teach what you know--a follow up

CyborgCamp was last Saturday and I had a blast.

If you want to watch my presentation, it is here:

it lasts about 37 minutes.

And thank you (again) to all the people that made CyborgCamp such a huge success!

Thanks so much for including me.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good luck ignoring that ring

I'm not sure what it going on lately. Perhaps it's withdrawal symptoms from my time at Planned Parenthood of the Columbia Willamette, perhaps I'm losing my mind, or perhaps it's just a normal day for me.

I'm seeing visions of the NuvaRing everywhere I go.

I was first introduced to the NuvaRing at a Planned Parenthood education event, where they had examples of various contraceptives. It was quite the cool event. But shortly after, I noticed this sign in the background of one of favorites T.V. shows, Scrubs.

(That is indeed the logo for NuvaRing, but all words have been left off.)

and then a few weeks ago, I was at Target, when I saw an end cap full of rows and rows of this:

(It's the Method Aroma Ring, not intended for contraception.)

and then last night, in my L.L. Bean catalog, I saw this...

(Now that's what I call camping!)

My only solace, is that hopefully now I have infected you. The support group will be held on Tuesdays, please bring a potluck item.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't get grain-washed

Have you seen this symbol before?

It's the Whole Grains Council symbol, it's supposed to tell you quickly and easily that the food item you are holding, contains whole grains. We all love quick and easy ways to improve our health, right? With this in mind, I've been keeping an eye out for the stamp when I go shopping.

But then last week I was comparing nutrition information between two brands of whole wheat tortillas and noticed that even though they both have whole grains, and they both had tons of fiber, only one had the Whole Grains Council stamp. So I did a little investigating. I went to Marion Nestle's blog and found this,

The Whole Grains Council is a trade association/public relations agency that uses nutrition messages about the health benefits of whole grains to promote the products of its 160 member companies.

she continues to state

The Council takes advantage of a gap in regulations; the FDA has not defined the meaning of “whole grains” on food labels but, instead, has produced Guidance for Industry.

(Full blog post here.)

So basically, the Whole Grains Council is using the stamp to hi-light it's members that use at least some whole grains in their food.

I am very disappointed (but I suppose not that surprised) to hear this.

I'll just go back to looking for whole grains at the beginning of the ingredient list and at least 3 grams of fiber per serving size.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stand out

It gets really dark during winter nights here in the Pacific Northwest. Really dark.

"What was that I just ran over?" dark.

It started bothering me when I walked from my car to the gym and I realized that I probably couldn't be seen by the passing cars that seemed so intent at getting a parking space.

It also bothered me when I was in downtown Portland, realized my jacket was black and realized I might as well paint a target on myself (minus the attention getting red paint).

But it really bothered me when I was driving in my neighborhood and only saw a teenager on his bike because his black sweatshirt slipped up a bit from his black pants and I saw a flash of white skin.

So I bought a nice new jacket to wear on walks at night and to/from the gym.

It even has a pocket for my MP3 player.

and I bought two ankle reflective bands to keep in my regular jacket pocket to pull out and apply when the sun goes down and I would like more protection.

If you can't beat 'em...blind 'em!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teach what you know

Tonight I will meet some other Type 1 diabetics for a Supper Club type meetup. I asked the organizer why it's called a Supper Club if we are meeting at a restaurant (rather than making supper together), but she just looked at me with that "Oh, Lia, you are so anal." face I get a lot.

Besides being happy to meet some other Type 1 diabetics (I only know 5). I plan on picking their brains for my upcoming presentation at CyborgCamp on December 6, 2008.

My goals for the presentation include:

1) Continuing to talk even if I start crying.
2) Making at least one person snort-laugh.
3) Educating others on what it's like to be attached to an insulin pump 24/7.
4) Providing some hands on time with insulin pumps and glucose monitors.